Free Delivery

Delivery is provided by courier service worldwide. 

When receiving an order by courier services, be sure to check the availability of all goods in the package, its appearance and configuration. In case of damage to the goods or incomplete packaging, it is necessary to refuse to receive the entire order and pay for it, and also let us know by phone.

Standard Timescales

Having received the order from the carrier, you agree to its external condition or configuration.

Orders placed before 7pm will be delivered the next day – including on Saturdays (For example if you order at 6.45pm on a Tuesday, you’ll receive your delivery on Wednesday). 

Orders after 7pm will be delivered the following day – including on Sundays (For example if you order at 9pm on Friday, you’ll receive your delivery on Sunday).


Returns Policy

The warranty period for the goods is from 30 calendar days or more, only if installed on our workshop, depending on the type of goods. 

Warranty obligations do not apply to consumables (oils, filters, technical liquids, auto lamps, plugs and electrical equipment). This type of product is checked for its integrity and operability at the time of receipt.

How to make returns

The goods are returned in accordance with the law within 14 days from the date of purchase of the goods. The goods are returned if they were not in use and the product type is stored – both the product and the packaging. 

To make a return, you need to inform the manager with the reason for the return. 

The period of consideration of claims is usually at the time of application, and if it is necessary to check the causes of the defect – in accordance with the current legislation.