Pay safely and easily

For most goods on the site, payment is available in fact, or after payment. Items with long lead times (from 4 days) require prepayment. You can pay for the order by any of the following methods:

Be sure to enter your order number in the payment assignment! In the absence of an order number, we cannot identify the money received, which later causes a delay in processing the order.
Goods paid for by cashless settlement can be sent and issued only after payment is received.
It is possible to fix the price only if 100% of the prepayment is made and the required quantity is confirmed by the distributor.

Duis pretium cursus posuere. In ex orci, ullamcorper ut ipsum eu, feugiat gravida est. Payment through the bank’s cash register is made as follows: after our manager sends an invoice to you (after processing your order by our managers, your mobile phone will be notified that an invoice has been sent to your e-mail), you pay it at a branch of any bank. fermentum leo in nibh malesuada, eu ornare ex suscipit orci, ullamc.

Orders for goods with a delivery date of more than 4 days are only started when 100% of the prepayment is received. At the same time, a refusal to supply such goods may come from the distributor at any time during the entire period of the order. If the customer unreasonably refuses to receive the order delivered to the warehouse, we reserve the right to carry out subsequent orders only on conditions of 100% prepayment.